Le Ballon – Restaurant, Pinseria, Wine Bar

A unique multi-sensory experience

Savor the dishes of our Restaurant and the taste of authentic Roman Pinsa, get carried away by a good glass of Wine and enjoy the striking view of Lake Bracciano.

Restaurant – Pinseria – Wine Bar

Le Ballon – Ristorante Pinseria Wine Bar was born in Trevignano Romano in 2013, in the setting of Lake Bracciano, from the initiative and passion of Walter and Larissa.

Initially a Wine Shop and Cocktail Bar, in the footsteps of Walter’s twenty years of experience in the world of wine, then Le Ballon became a Restaurant. Only later comes our crowning achievement: the Pinsa Romana.

The authentic Pinsa Romana in Trevignano

Pinsa is a pizza that stands out for its lightness and crunchiness. We have been baking pinsas for 10 years, even before they became a cult phenomenon. Our offerings range from the most classic to the most delicious gourmet reinterpretations.

The original recipe dates back to ancient Rome. What has remained unchanged over time is its light dough, composed of 80 percent water and a mix of flours: rice, wheat and soy. A leavening time of at least 48 hours is added to this, for a result that is fragrant on the outside and pleasantly soft on the inside.

Our philosophy?

Pamper the most demanding palates with our dishes and make them fall in love.

The right value
for money

For lovers of good drinking

Ensuring the selection of the best wines, with the right quality/price ratio, has always been Walter’s prerogative.

That’s why at Le Ballon Ristorante Pinseria Wine bar you can also venture out to discover wineries less known to the general public and be amazed.

Discover our way of interpreting cuisine.

A concept that goes beyond the simple act of eating, but include taste, passion, experience.